Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Not only is it fun to shop in general, but it's even better when I get to shop for my man! I ordered this print off Etsy and will have to find a frame for it. Speaking of bowties, I spend some of my day yesterday trying to make a bowtie. It is so hard to sew it then pull the fabric inside out. I need to work on my sewing patience. We could save money in our clothing budget if I can learn to do this.
Also, I was working on a photo collage of bridesmaids pictures to hang on the wall, when I came across this one from Michelle's wedding day. Oh good golly peaches. If it wasn't her soon-to-be husband and all of his men standing on a small waterfall. Can you imagine if they had fallen in right before the wedding?! No one did. Such a rad picture.
Speaking of men, here's our nephew. I desperately wanted to Skype with sweet baby Charlie so we arranged for a five minute date with our new, favorite lil guy.

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