Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why I have a new iPhone

Well, folks, it was two weeks ago and I was making dinner for our neighbors {and he happens to be the head chef at a local restaurant}. Yeah, you might remember when we went to their place for dinner. So I was a little nervous. I planned the menu and everything was perfect. I had made fried shallots {stupid fried shallots!!} when I put the pot of grease on a different burner to cool down. I turned on the burner behind the pot of oil to heat up water for ravioli. Went to get ready. Came back to see a smoking oil pan. Turned out I actually turned on the burner with the pot of oil.

I called Andrew over and all I could think about was "baking soda, we need baking soda" as the smoke turned into a small flame. He turned around and I saw the whole thing happen in slow motion. He put the pot under water and there was a massive, MASSIVE flame {think Hibachi dinner grill size} that reached the celing. I screamed, the lights went out and our kitchen sprinkler went off.

I was hysterical. Called 911 and 10 minutes later my TOMS shoes were floating away in our apartment. That's right... those sprinklers put out a whole lot of water. So then the firemen, our landlord and someone else came to turn off the water and then vacuum up the water. I had to leave so Andrew took me to our friend's house for dinner and where we would stay with them that night.

Needless to say, I was quite traumatized, especially by the fire. I have to say, the Lord really protected Andrew as he easily could have had third degree burns. The rest of the week we had blowers in here trying to dry up the carpet. It was a mess and with working full time, I was exhausted. I'm still recovering from it.

Anyway, what got ruined in the Great Flood of 2012 (as I like to call it), was my camera and my phone. So I guess the pictures from here on out will be taken from my iPhone.

We had dinner with a couple friends of ours last Friday night. They informed us that that they went out to buy a fire extinguisher that week. Please, please learn from our mistake and get one! :)

On a lighter note, yesterday Andrew and I went to the movies and then had dinner at Dish in Plaza Midwood. It was so yummy.
Here's my new oh-so-easy snack: get a paper bag and fill it with popcorn (1/4 cup). Fold it over twice and put it in the microwave for 1.30. Voila! Air popped popcorn. It feels like you're eating popped air, though. I add some chocolate chips for that sweet/salty treat.
Hope your weeks have been less eventful as ours have! :)

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