Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dr. Seuss week

Ok, wow. Having never worked at an elementary school before, I never knew how huge Dr. Seuss' birthday week was, nor the 100th day of school. It's been quite a week. Monday: twin day; Tuesday: crazy hair day; Wednesday: crazy sock day; Thursday: wearable word day; Friday: red, white and black day with Dr. Seuss hats

My wearable word on Thursday was 'colorful'. We went to get sushi later that night and I felt a little silly in all this color. But I know Perryn would be so proud. :)
I really wanted to make green eggs and ham for breakfast on Friday morning (Dr. Seuss' birthday). But that didn't happen. Andrew had the great idea to make a broccoli and bacon quiche for dinner Friday night when our new neighbors, Charlie & Megann, came over. It was much more enjoyable than actual green eggs.
I'm still on my children's book buying rampage and got these two this past week. I had Andrew sit on the couch with me and read them. What a trooper.

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Perryn said...

you're right, love the 'colorful' word outfit!!!