Monday, March 12, 2012

Things to remember

A lot of what this blog feels like is a personal journal {for all of you to read} of happenings, recipes to make again, and things I don't want to forget. Like the following.

Here are some important things to remember for when I have a 2nd grader.

1. Time. Be sure to have analog clocks up in your home. I've recently thought it'd be so good to put one in the kid's rooms just so they're exposed to it. {You don't know how many times I pull kids to work on telling time.}

2a. Money. Introduce them to pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and bills. Have them pay for things and become familiar with coins.

2b. Counting. Have them count by 5's, 10's and 25's. Also, count by 10's starting at 15. {so, 15, 25, 35...} This will help when they think about counting money.

3. Main Idea/Comprehension. Have kids read and then tell you what they read or about the main idea. It's one thing to read, and another to understand it.

4. Timed tests. A lot of my kids have 50 math problems they have to answer in 2.5 minutes. It's good to practice adding/subtracting.

5. Read. Have I mentioned reading enough? I can really tell a difference with the kids whose parents sit down and read to them. It's also so good to check your kid's homework before they turn it in. Sometimes that counts as a grade. Plus, reading is so fun!

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