Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anniversary blogged

Our anniversary was much like any other day and that's how we like it. We were going to go to the place where we ate on our honeymoon, but we just weren't feeling it so we picked a local burger place, Bad Daddy's. {And I saw Caitlin there, too! :) Hi Cait!} It was a good choice as dinner was quite yummy.

I came home to find paper flowers that Andrew had made! {Thanks to Brian Parker for the inspiration!} So sweet.
After dinner we went to the top of the Target parking deck to enjoy black & white cookies and the setting sun.
Took a couple pictures. Talked about this past year and the ones to come.
And couldn't believe it's been ONE year.
Since the first anniversary gift is paper, we went to Paper Source on Sunday to get a journal where we'll write a letter to each other on our anniversary. I think it will be so sweet to read them over the years.
Here's to many more!

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Dorothy said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet! Way to go Andrew! Looks like a fun tradition. Love you guys so much!