Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend!

Blast from the past! I just can't help but thinking about Memorial Day 2008 when my friend Tammy and I spent the whole day on Jones Beach on Long Island and were burnt to a crisp. I headed back to the city that night and felt awful. The next day I called into work because I was so sun poisoned. I got a text from Tam that morning saying she had called in sick too. We learned our lesson... but it's also a really great memory. :)
Miss you, Tam!

It's not Memorial Day weekend without watermelon cookies.
We went to Andrew's parent's mountain cabin with his sister's family. Strawberry cake with lemon curd (that stuff is good!).
We celebrated Presley & Caroline's birthdays.
Meeting Charlie!
We went into Brevard for the White Squirrel Festival. It was a beautiful day.
Ohmigosh. Charlie, our little nephew, is just the sweetest. There's just something about meeting a baby for the first time that you know you'll watch grow up and see for the rest of your life.

Maggs with a salamander.

Oh Aunt Carrie was so happy.
The girls went exploring. I would've gone but my fear of snakes held me back. I did see a snake but thankfully Andrew came and shoo'd it away.

It was a wonderful, relaxing time with family.
Let summer begin! (or as the napkins in our teacher workroom say: "Long Live Summer"!)

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