Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Life lately

Well I feel like I've been hit over the head with an EOG test booklet. Testing is exhausting.

I'm always in need of appetizers. Mainly, quick appetizers. Last Friday night I had a ladies evening and whipped up 1 block cream cheese with herbed feta and basil leaves. Sliced a baguette (thanks for sending that with me, Mama!) and voila. Quick.
An apology from a student. :)
Last summer Andrew surprised me with all the seasons of FRIENDS. We finished Season 10 this past weekend. Sad!
Saturday we had a park picnic with friends. I made sandwiches with the cream cheese/feta spread topped with sliced tomatoes, spinach, and red onions. YUM.
The weather was perfect!! And we seriously just sat and talked all night while some of the guys passed around the football.
All the girls.
On Sunday I was talking to my mama on the phone:
Mom: "What are you doing the rest of the evening?"
Me: "Making Gigi's caramel cake."
Mom: "Me too!"
So I realized on the first Mother's Day without Gigi, it should become a tradition to make her cake. I took the rest to work but it was sweet to remember her. And thanks to A-Dawg for rushing over to help me with the caramel icing. You have to be so fast with that stuff! Seriously!!
Yesterday I went to say goodbye to the Manor as MK & Cait are both moving out. It brought back so many memories! :)
The clouds at school today. 16 days left. I can do it!

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Dorothy said...

Yeah, so good to get a snap shot of your life!