Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Update

We had one of the busiest weekends.

Saturday was Move for Madison. One of my little 2nd graders has leukemia and we walked at Freedom Park for her on Saturday. Some of Maddie's classmates waiting for her as she arrived:
Wedding time! Darren & Danielle got married!
Babies in seersucker! :)

Oh they are the sweetest! What a beautiful wedding.
Roomie picture!

It really was a beautiful, worshipful time. The weather was perfect and they looked so, so happy.
After the wedding we went to a graduation party for our friend Trey.

We're going to miss you guys!!
Last night we had a little apartment get-together. I told everyone to just bring food/appetizer. This is what our neighbor brings. I love being friends with a chef!!

Here's to another week! Have a good one.

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