Monday, April 13, 2009


Perhaps it's a Northeast thing. Today I had to sign something for the Mailman, who I see every day. I, of course, signed: Carrie. He looked at it and was like, "Oh! It's spelled CARRIE. I've been saying it wrong." Huh?! I was in the middle of 15 things at the time, but I wish I had the time to have him elaborate.

I get that every so often here. Hi, I'm Carrie. Hi Carrie, nice to meet you. How do spell it? C.A.R.R.I.E. Ohhhh, you mean Carrie. And then they'll correct me on how to say my own name!! I'm guessing that in the North Carrie is pronounced with a long 'a' (like how my boys used to call me Caaawie) and Kerry is perhaps how I say it, emphasizing the 'e'.

Does anyone else run into this problem?


Miriam said...

Yes!! People say Miriam like its pronounced, "Mary-um". I hear ya!

ginna said...

"Is pronounced Ginna but spelled Jenna? Or is it Jenna but spelled Ginna? Or is it Gina? Oh, I've been pronouncing it Jenna when it's GInna. Why don't you just go by Virginia?"