Sunday, April 19, 2009

Q: What has a head made of copper?

(Ok, not literally...)


There is no way you're getting a googled picture of a copperhead posted on this blog but I'm pretty sure we all know what I'm talking about.

My Mom told me she saw a copperhead near the creek on our property at home, omg. I about flipped out. Perhaps it's because I've become a city girl and can literally count on one hand the bugs/spiders we've had in this apartment. We have rats in the subway and sometimes you'll see a dead cockroach on the sidewalk. Other than that it's just dogs and cats. I'm not sure I can handle snakes.

So I don't think I'll be doing any exploring this summer in our backyard. Nor will I keep any doors open just to avoid this problem. And Lucy I might be sleeping with you in your bed from now on. :)

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Miriam said...

Zuzu and Petals need to tell the copperhead to "recognize!" This is their home now!