Friday, May 15, 2009

Back and forth

Perhaps it goes back to our days in Eggers, but Al and I have these different items that we tend to pass back and forth ( or creatively hide) on each visit. The old dorm phone, different pictures, magnets and now we have this lovely frame. I saw it at Gin & Al's on my last visit and once I got to Gboro I found it in my purse. (Thanks, Al :) ).

But it is a classic picture of the three of us! Circa 1995? Frame from Old Navy when they first opened?


Allison said...

no carrie, this frame is from the limited too!! my aunt pat and uncle jamie gave it to me for my 9th or 10th b-day. notice my entire outfit is from limited too as well. what a funny picture. :)

Michelle R. said...

That picture is DEFINITELY a classic. I'm sad I missed those years with you all! :)

Carrie said...

of course! how could I forget Limited Too!