Friday, May 22, 2009


I LOVE Long Island. Perhaps it's because the boys are out there or because it has so many memories... or it could be that it's surrounded by water and is a great place for a local "vacation" from the City. Anywho, I would go out there and visit my friend Tammy (hi Tam!) for various holidays like MLK, Labor Day and Memorial Day. We would make our way from North Shore to the Hamptons to Riverhead.

Last year we went to Jones Beach for MDay. We were only out for 2 hours but we got burnt to a crisp. I think we must've gone out on that Monday because the next day I was a red lobster who couldn't get out of bed. That's right- I had to call in sick. It hurt so bad to move. Right after I called into work (and I hate missing work), I got a text from Tam that she had to call in sick too! It was a hilarious moment, although sad that we had that much sun poisoning.

But I do love MDay. The first weekend of summer! If I can't celebrate it out on Long Island, I decided to go to my other favorite small town- BOONE! Gin is visiting Jeff in Boone this weekend and I'm going to hang out with them on Sunday. It's been a year since I've been back and I'm ready for fresh mountain air, to visit Mast General Store and get more mason jar mugs (for sweet tea, of course), and to hang out with that Ginna girl.

Tomorrow we're also having a Garden Party for my Mom, where people will bring fresh herbs and plant them while drinking lemonade and eating cucumber sandwiches. Or at least I guess that's what you do at a garden party. It's been a rough week for my Mom. Chemo is awful and leaves her exhausted. Today we're going to the hospital to get Round 2B- but then she's off for a week. Oh thank goodness!

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! Here's to grilling, beaches, pool parties and fun!


ginna said...

Can't wait to see you in two days!

Allison said...

i want to come to the garden party!