Thursday, May 7, 2009

If it's three, let it be

As I make the adjustment from big city to country (where people call me darlin' and ask how my day has been at the grocery store), I am encountered w/ new (or vaguely familiar) situations. Like tornado watches- for the past week there has been a tornado watch/warning in surrounding counties. Freaks me out! I'm not used to these weather patterns and big storms rollin in... I'm used to tall buildings.

Another thing is poison ivy. My Dad just told me that we have a ton of poison ivy in our backyard and asked me if I know what it looks like. I do not. He must have a special eye for picking it out because I think poison ivy looks like any other plant. But my Dad cannot believe that every summer he has to point it out b/c we forgot. "Girls," he says, "if it's three, let it be". So I don't believe I'll be frolicking through our forest anytime soon due to my fear of snakes and now poison ivy.

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Tails from the City said...

Leaves of three, let them be. Leaves of for eat some more! -Homer Simpson

We miss you up here!