Sunday, May 17, 2009

There are no rules for blogging

I sometimes get caught up thinking I have to have these definite blog posts with a beginning, middle & end and with lots of pictures to capture your attention. But not today because I have all of these random thoughts to share. So I will.

1. Park Ave to Myers Park? Today I went to Charlotte to visit a church. It was a great road trip down there especially since I'm still weighing options on the BIG question of 'what to do next'. I enjoyed the service and hope to be down next week to look at another church (but I really miss you, Tim Keller!). I also drove around my new favorite neighborhood: Myers Park. Malar went to Queens University, which is right in the middle of MP. Oh it is so quaint and feels a little like the City- walking distance to restaurants, etc. Although the houses are ginormous. Definitely don't have that much space in NYC.

2. Special Sneeze Al, you will appreciate and fully understand this: I think I had the special sneeze tonight. Oh no.

3. Damn mosquitos I got my first mosquito bite of the summer. Arg.

4. Snapple The other night I had this intense craving for a peach Snapple. So I went to CVS to find some. After NOT finding any in the cold beverage isle, I went to the girl up front and asked where it was. She said they sadly don't have any and that it is very hard to find Snapple down South. She said her & her mom had to drive all the way to VA to get it. I then found out she's from Queens in NYC and I feel like I found a friend! We talked a little about the City and shared in our common Snapple withdrawl- it was a special moment. Oh and on my way home today I got a call from Lucy saying she found Snapple. What a doll!

5. Homemade Dinners Oh wow. We have received some pretty amazing homemade dinners from our family and friends. We are very appreciative! I guess that goes on the lonely plus side for having chemo.

6. Mostly Love/Sometimes Hate Relationship with Pets Our sweet, little dog Petals has found a nice little spot in my room to pee. Lovely. She also decided to TEAR UP my new favorite summer flip flops. fjdskla!

7. Al & B's wedding I find myself truly knowing their big day is soo soon because I have to start thinking of the small details such as bridal luncheon/r. dinner outfits, mani/pedis*, how to do my hair, transportation details, and everything else! What fun to work on the little details for their big & special day!

8. *Mani/Pedi I will end with my one grievance in the South. Oh how I miss the mani/pedi special: both for $19.99. I know you, Miriam, can agree with me on this! There just isn't anything like this down here. I've already started a list of things to do when I go back to NYC and this is one of them.

Have a great week, y'all!


Allison said...

not the special sneeze! that is bad news.. i loved this post. i feel like we just talked on the phone- we need to do that soon. it's been a couple days. :)

Tails from the City said...

Thanks for the shout out, Carrie! You're totally right. This is the one purchase in life that is cheaper in New York. Haha.

I know you miss our girls at Jin Nails. :)