Sunday, July 26, 2009

Aaah, sweet summertime

This past weekend that Ginna girl came home and we got to be all together as a family, which was wonderful! Early Saturday morning we went to watch Lucy Goose in her second triathlon. She's amazing. Open water swim, 15 miles of biking and a 5k. I'm impressed.

Then we had a cookout w/ extended family- but it was more of a cook-in since most everyone stayed inside, boo! I guess it was because of the skeeters, as my Dad likes to call it. Oh well. I made a yummy pretty, pretty princess pink cake from scratch. It turned out good, a little dry, but looked like a Magnolia cake, which made me overlook its flaws.

The kids in the pictures below are my cousins children, Jesse & Missy. They are so sweet & loving! We had fun playing with them.

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