Thursday, July 16, 2009

NYC here I come!

Tomorrow morning I leave for a fun-filled weekend in New York City! Oh I am just bursting with excitement.

I can't wait to:

catch a cab from JFK, see the skyline, go to my apartment, hug my roooomies, say hello to my doormen, go see my deli guys and get my "usual", run in CP (wishful thinking, I never run on vacation), smell the smells of the city (which is kinda gross), see my desk (I miss my desk; I think everyone should have their own personal desk), go to LONG ISLAND, oh how I love LI in the summatime!, hang out with Tammy like the good ole days, have fun in Glen Cove, be carefree, wake up, hopefully get breakfast w/ Jutta, take it all in, go to favorite shops in Huntington, go to Bon-Bon's (the BEST chocolatier in the world), go to my FAVORITE wrap place for lunch, then .... I can't wait to head to Lloyd Harbor to hug my little boys, to celebrate Alec's 4th birthday pool party, visit w/ T&D, enjoy it all, head back to the city, dinner w/ a friend (tbd), get ready to celebrate Matt & Lauren's engagement party, rooftop bar w/ my friends, drink (and not have to worry about driving), laugh, catch up, get home late, take one last gander at the beautiful city lights and sleep.

Then on Sunday I can't wait to sleep in, get up, run the reservoir (again, wishful thinking), get brunch w/ my BS girls, relax, figure out apartment stuff for the move (not fun), clean the kitchen, pack, get a slice of NYC pizza (yes, please), hopefully see Mir & Chris, relax, shop, meet up w/ LA!, head to church, have I mentioned how much I miss REDEEMER?, worship, oh to worship!, see friends, be excited to be back, dinner, sleep, wake up and head to JFK, head home and give my Mama a great big hug!

At least this is how I envision my weekend to be, who knows what it will actually look like. I am a little anxious to see if the City still "fits". I usually have a good feeling about things and hope & pray to know whether I should return at the end of the summer. I'm also anxious to leave my mom as she starts her new treatment tomorrow, the devils blood, they call it. Lovely. So, goodnight and I'll catch up w/ you next week!


Tails from the City said...

Yes!!! Carrie, we're definitely around on Sunday after brunch and would LOVE to see you!


Anonymous said...

Have so much fun!!