Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding Quilt

Oh it was so hard not to blog about this, or to tell Al about her wedding quilt. Brian's aunts (I think) sent everyone who was invited to the wedding a quilt square and loose instructions. I knew exactly what I was going to do.

*** Go back 4 years ***
Setting: Allison & Carrie are in their Eggers dorm and are packing to move.

I like to think this is how it happened:

Carrie: What should we do with these hideous bright orange curtains?

Allison: Oh throw them away! I never want to see them ever again!
Carrie: Give them to me.

Carrie's Mind Thinking: Muahahaha, yes you will see these curtains again!

And she did!
I used the fabric from our awful Eggers curtains to make part of my quilt square for their wedding quilt. I found this adorable Amy Butler fabric that matched perfectly. Also, my mom and I made an apron out of it that turned out well. All in all, it was a wonderful surprise for them and check out this quilt, what a labor of love!

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Allison said...

it IS a labor of love. what a special gift that we will forever treasure... even if there are remnants of those hideous eggers curtains!! :)