Friday, July 31, 2009

Goodbye Mick Jagger

It's pretty much true that my mom and I do not share the same affinity for horses. She has this amazing passion and love for riding, training and being with her horse most every day. 'Every day' now excludes the past 4 months of chemo. She decided to sell him since she couldn't ride him for a year-ish and he's really big- like 18 hands big. Woah.

So this is usually how it goes w/ me & horses: (picture taken last summer, the last time I rode Mick)

I am looking forward to the new beauty of a stallion my mom will get after the new year when she feels better. And who knows, maybe I'll become a dressage rider.
On more random notes: I listened to part of Handel's Messiah tonight. It was amazing and makes me excited about Christmas. I also talked to my bff, who is a married lady, for almost an hour last night. It was a great part of my week! I also miss Liz Spangler so much! My mom had her second chemo (in this series of treatments) today and we have two more left! Oh my, that makes me so happy. I think I'll never want to drive by the cancer center ever again. I am suuuper excited about Sara & John's wedding, Matt & Lauren's wedding & Maggie & Neal's wedding- all so soon! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my dog Petals (I call her Petolsh because I have to have a nickname for everyone)- we go for runs and sometimes I let her sleep on my bed at night. And now I'm going to make a chocolate chip cookie recipe from a cafe in the Hamptons- b/c if you can't be in the Hamptons during the summer, this just might be the next best thing. And last, but not least, somebody very special has a birthday tomorrow! :D


Allison said...

it was a highlight in my week too! oh and b just informed me that he reads your blog.. it showed me love and should show you love too.

Carrie said...

haha, i love it. that's probably my favorite saying from eggers: "Carrie it would show me love if you would wash these dirty dishes under the bed" "Allison it would show me love if you would listen to Jeremy Camp twelve times a day"

Liz Spangler said...

I miss you too!!