Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's a circus here on Manor Rd. The three of us have been overwhelmed by these stupid mice, which is why I'm posting, yet again, on the subject. Do I want to be writing about mice? No! But that's all I've been thinking about these past few days.

We've set multiple traps, talked to the pest man, had a couple of friends come over to check everything out and learned everything there is to know about a mouse. And did I mention that we're losing our minds? A trap went off last night and all three of us went downstairs together because we're at the point where you just can't clean up a dead mouse and scrub the floor by yourself (which is what I had to do yesterday morning). Sorry to those who are against traps... I'd rather not hurt the mouse either, but safety and now sanity of the mind are what we're going for.

Here's hoping my next blog post is about sunshine and rainbows.

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