Monday, January 11, 2010


I think here are some things a girl should never have to do and seeing & dealing with mice is one of them. While most people in NYC apartments see mice and the usual cockroaches, the most I ever saw on Park Ave were 2 tiny spiders. (Although, I did see a mouse in my Brooklyn sublet.) But in general, I'm pretty used to living life without critters.

Until recently.

Blog friends, we have mice in our house and I am not happy about it. The evidence is as follows: MK's chips were eaten through and crumbs were scattered along the pantry. We found a hole in one of the floorboards. And the number one tell-tale sign: mouse poop. Caitlin caught one last night and we were still on edge.

Tonight I was upstairs when I heard a shriek from downstairs and Cait came hysterically running to my room. She had been sitting on the couch watching tv when she felt something on her back. Oh yeah. It was a mouse. I then flipped out and here we both were screaming and jumping... you know how girls can be.

I then looked at the clock, it was late and we knew our guy friends were probably asleep. If it wasn't almost midnight, they would've been coming over to do the hunting while we peaced out. So I did the next best thing: I called my Dad. C: "Dad, are you up?" Dad: "I am now." C: "Can you [drive 2 hours] come and catch a mouse for us??" I was only (slightly) kidding. I just needed reassurance that we could do it. He said we could and that we should get a cat.

So long story short, I put on my rainboots and we ended up standing on chairs using a broom as a poking device to try and find the mice. Our living room and kitchen look like a total disaster. After not finding anything, I decided to sit for a while, catch up on emails and keep an eye on the newly chewed hole in the floorboard. Sure enough, after our squeals and stomping were quelled, and after it was seemingly safe for our mousey friend, he made his grand re-entrance. He was smaller than I expected and we got him. All I can say is our landlord will be getting a call in the morning. Lastly, if there are any qualified guys who live in Myers Park and are up for the task, let me know. I'm serious. We'll bake you cookies or something.


Dorothy said...

Oh my gosh, can't believe she climbed on Caitlyn! Thanks for the blow by blow, I could picture every detail! Hope that was the end of him or her. Keep us posted.

leeanne said...

carrie. did i ever tell you about the time that me & V caught SEVEN mice in two days?? - i feel your pain. although i've never had one CRAWL ON MY BACK!

p.s. - got your postcard! - what a cute pic!! :) miss you!!