Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Decorating for me usually happens twice a year. This is not a definite CCC statistic, but more of an average. I'm not, nor ever will be a professional decorator like Katharoo, because while I do know what I like and don't like for myself or home, it usually stops there.

I got an itch towards the last few days of 2009 to finish a few decorating projects and get my room (and life) ready for a brand new year before the onset of work, busyness and everything else. I hung favorite NYC prints, put up a wreath with adorable vintage lights from Anthropologie above my bed, and dug out and framed an artsy print one of my floor girls made me when I was an RA. But one of my favorite projects was what I did with a window pane I have.
It was a couple years ago and I was talking to Al on a cold NYC morning. I was on 2nd Ave when I saw a teal window pane sitting on the curb. I then proceeded to carry it back to my apartment (anyone on the UES knows 2nd to Park is a hike!). I put pics on it but since moving to the South, it's been blank. I decided to use something I already had to decorate, so I glued on buttons. I like it for now, but who knows what I'll do when another decorating wave hits.
If you have any fun projects you're working on, let me know! I just love how cozy my room feels. I also love how cozy Charlotte feels. It was probably around the first part of December when I realized that I didn't miss the City as much. I swear it felt like the worst break-up ever when I left NYC as I had such withdrawals and sadness every time I thought of it. But sure enough God changed my heart and through new and old friends, events, activities, work and other things, I've made a new city home and we all know that home is where the heart is. My heart is now in Charlotte and I feel quite content.

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Allison said...

cute! can't wait to come back for another visit!!