Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

What a fun Easter weekend it was in Atlanta! I drove down early yesterday morning to go to church with Al and B.
Then we went to Piedmont Park.
Ate a ton of yummy food.
Had a covert beer opening. (Al and I had sangria.)

We relaxed under the shade, people watched with sunglasses on and every 5 minutes said how perfect of a day it was.

After that we headed to my dear cousin's house for Easter dinner. Lauren & Lee have been in the Atlanta area for almost 4 years and I had never been to visit, so it was time! It's so fun to be with family for Easter. When I lived in New York it was, surprisingly, the one holiday I really wanted to spend with my family and I'm thrilled I got to spend it with my cousin, and of course Al & B, who are practically family anyways!
Lauren & Lee in their lovely home.

This morning Brian had to work, so Al & I went shopping. She's now off to Florida for Spring Break. I was hoping to find an art museum in Atlanta, but, alas! it's a Monday and most places are closed, except for some dinosaur museum, and no thanks. But I found my way to a Caribou Coffee and am now "killing time" on the computer even though I cannot sit still, and it's not the coffee. It's because I am anxiously awaiting DUKE vs. Butler!!! Ahhh!!

A couple weeks ago when I was planning this trip, I realized that if Duke was going to be in the championship game, I would need to find a place to watch it. And though I'm super sad not to be watching it with my Dad, I am going to watch it with my awesome Uncle Don and his wife Leigh. He graduated from Duke and was also an announcer at Cameron for the Dukies back in the day. Him & my dear Aunt Awah (who passed away 11 years ago) would go to many games in the 90's and love Duke basketball. Oh, and I just got my car washed because Unca D was also a race car driver and there's no way he'd be happy if I rolled up in a yellow, pollinated car. Good thinking on my part. :)

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter and GO DUKE!

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