Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Ear Day

I had such a wonderful day with the kids. Although we did have a rough start to the afternoon with the boys hitting and fighting and then an unwillingness to venture to Lowes to get stuff to celebrate Earth Day... but I eventually won. ;)

You should've seen them, they ran through the garden center and wanted every plant they had. Margot and I went inside to find birdseed and when we did, oh! guess what we saw: a mouse. I screamed and quickly grabbed Mar, put her up on a lawn chair and then jumped on one myself. A man saw us and laughed, then gave us an update when the coast was clear. Please. I don't mess with mice, even if it means embarrassing myself at Lowes.

I knew we had to get basil, petunias and geraniums but the boys were set on getting a fruit tree. Ok, so I let them pick out the smallest tree and they were thrilled! We came home and were up to our elbows in potting soil and flowers, and there might've been a wet, smelly dog running around, too. Everyone had a task to do and while P&W were digging the hole for the peach tree, and Mar was planting the petunias, I wrote on the driveway in chalk: "Happy Earth Day".

Wilson got out the hose to water the tree and then he calls me over to show me that he erased the 'th' with water, so the driveway now read: "Happy Ear Day" and of course I found that hilarious and applauded his creativity.

My favorite part of the day was when I was leaving, Wilson said sincerely, "I had a really great day with you, Carrie. Happy Ear Day." {and my heart melted}

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Dorothy said...

Too funny. Please don't stop your blog, I love hearing your thoughts and visualizing you and M standing on a lawn chair at Lowes!