Friday, April 9, 2010


Something amazing happened tonight. I've been dog-sitting this week for the family while they're away. Tonight I went to a grocery store I don't usually go to to pick up things for their return. I walked in and turned a corner when I saw a group of people. Within that group, I spotted a dear friend who I haven't seen in many years. Her name is Chelsea and we were roommates at an orphanage in the Qingyundian Township of the Daxing District in China for the summer of 2005. She lives in Texas now but is in Charlotte this weekend for a wedding. Crazy!

I'm surprised I didn't scream when I saw her. We hugged and then I met her sister and beau. They continued to shop while Chels and I picked up right where we left off: where are you living now, what's new, how's so and so.... on and on. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is to run into someone you haven't seen in a while and the happiness that comes when you do. I was so sad to say goodbye to her because I'm sure we could've spent hours catching up. She's just one of those friends who knows you and you can talk about life, boys and everything else, and you don't have to explain much because she gets it.

I know you're just reading this blog post about me running into an old friend, but really, it's more than that. Tonight I was overcome with emotion as I realized how perfect God's timing is. What if I had picked a different store, different aisle or different time to go? I had the joy of experiencing God's timing and not only trusting that He wants good things for us, but orchestrates them to happen exactly when they're supposed to.

"From the Great Wall of China to Harris Teeter!" -Chels

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Dorothy said...

Isn't wonderful when you are given eyes to see God's hand.