Monday, November 24, 2008

And the dish ran away with the spoon

Well, come Wednesday I will be in the warmth of my own apartment here in New York while I graciously get out of everyone else's way in the City while they travel to LaGuardia, JFK or Newark to catch a flight in maybe/maybe not bad weather, lug around suitcases and deal with the stress of it all. I will most likely be baking away with my sweet family. Ahhh.

I am having a total of 12 people over for Thanksgiving dinner and am tickled pink! I can't wait! However, there is one problem. Where do we sit? We have a little round table in our kitchen that sits 4, maybe 5. I feel like it's not Thanksgiving unless we're all sitting at a table. So I might bring in the rusty old table from the terrace, throw a tablecloth over it and call it a day. That might work.

But then I come to the issue of our dishes. We have mixed matched plates and most of them are hand me downs from the girls who used to live here and almost all of them have chips on the edges. Oh how I wish I had beautiful plates and linens but I might have to resort to using paper plates (gasp!) and paper napkins. One day...

So a few weeks ago, I was walking to work one morning and happened to see these plates in the display window at Scully & Scully:

Oh they're so beautiful but for $60 per once a year plates I think I'll wait til I register. But if I could, I would love for these to be my Christmas plates. The ones I bring out for Holiday dinner parties and Christmas dinner. Aren't they just adorable? They remind me of my Mom!

I've also been eyeing these next plates and would love for them to be my Summer plates. They just look summery and of course they're of CP, which is awesome. And they can be found at Fishs Eddy in NYC.

Ok, since I'm on a roll I'll also mention these other plates that I love. The pictures don't do them justice. Two of the families I babysit for have them and they are darling! They're from Villeroy & Boch and they can be my Spring plates.
I haven't thought of Fall plates, but I'll let ya know when I find them. I know it's pretty rediculous to think of having four sets of dishes for the seasons but it is fun to dream! :)


ginna said...

lovely :)

want me to bring up some plates? i have quite a few! but i make no promises about them matching either...

leeanne said...

fyi - the cp dishes are on sale at fish's eddy right now... they have a whole new back sale room... go getchya some.... hope time with the fam was so sweet!