Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend fun

Saturday Allison & I went to the theater district to try and win the lottery for All My Sons. We get there and we're too late so we ask for standing room. The show wasn't sold out yet, but the greatest box office guy in the world gave us student price tickets, 2 rows in. $26.50 for two hours of Katie Holmes and a stellar cast... yeah, pretty sweet.

Later that evening, we got dinner at Fetch and then headed back to Rockefeller. We enjoyed all of the election maddness before we got in line with our SNL standby tickets. We waited forever because security was tight w/ Secret Service ppl cause McCain was there. It wasn't until 11:30pm that we found out there were no seats left due to McCain's entourage. Boo! No Ben Affleck for us. :(

Sunday we went to the marathon! I seriously have to run it one year.


Allison said...

What a perfect weekend this was! I seriously had such a good time and am so glad I came up for a visit. I keep thinking of the guy on the subway playing the Chinese horn and laughing to myself... so funny. Hopefully it can happen again soon!

ginna said...

shall we try the marathon next year? is there any half-marathons available during this race? or what about seven milers? any 5ks?

get back to me and i'll start to train.