Friday, November 21, 2008

Busy as a Bee

Hi Friends,

Nothing new to report. But thank goodness it's Friday. I don't think I've ever been so ready to get to the weekend. Tonight I might be going to the Duke game at the Garden. My roomie is going now to try to get tix... oh that would be sweeet! But if not, then I'll go to FG and afterwards hit up my friend Bradley's bday party at a bar where apparently the Olsen twins celebrated their last birthday. Nice.

Tomorrow morning I will be a prisoner in my own apartment as I'll be chillin with Tom the Turkey as I bake his sweet little hiney in the oven. I hope Tom will work with me and give me his best effort (ie tender, moist) as there are 30+ people coming over to feast upon him! Yes, tomorrow is my 2nd Annual Tgiving Feast! I have been looking forward to this for months. Let's hope there's enough food and room for my sweet NYC friends!

Thanks to Facebook, I have heard from practically everyone in the South that it's snowing! Jealous! Send it up here, folks! Not that I need snow right now when my life is a little bit crazy... but bring it tomorrow after the feast, where I can sit on the couch stuffed as a turkey, watching a movie and watching the snow fall. Oh funny story, last year some guy friends wanted to go sledding in CP and didn't have a sled (we don't have a lot of space up here, people) so they thought of the bright idea to use someone's wok. Yeah.

It didn't snow a lot last year, so I'm hoping for a foot all at once this year. The first hour of snowfall in Manhattan is magical. So beautiful and serene. However, as we all know, New York doesn't stop. For anything. After a good few hours of snow, it's just slush on the sidewalks and you take the risk of becoming Carrie Bradshaw in the opening credits of S&TC when she gets splashed by the bus... as crazy cab drivers tend to get a thrill of driving fast through puddles leaving the innocent bystanders, waiting to cross the street, in a mess of dirty, slushy snow all over their Burberry coats. (Side note, I've thought it would be rather fun to marry a man with the last name Bradshaw... know anyone? I mean to be Carrie Bradshaw... I'd be cool for the rest of my life!).

Ok, well I'd love to stay and chat but I have a weekend to get to. So do you!!

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Tracey said...

I hope your Thanksgiving dinner goes great! :) I finally started a blog too so we can post pictures of Bailey when she gets here. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Miss you! :)