Thursday, April 5, 2012

Last day in Tokyo

So yesterday was "my day" to plan. I decided that I wanted some alone time wandering around our hotel in the morning. Someone recommended Mister Donut to me before I left the States, so I knew I had to try it out. I first ordered this pink one but it didn't taste good, so then I went back and got an original glazed. You can't go wrong with those.
We went to the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. I love going to art museums as art is appreciated worldwide.
There was a Jackson Pollock exhibit.
Then we went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building to the top observation view of the city.
Endless sprawl. Seriously, so many buildings/houses.
Andrew reading the map and leading the way! I would be lost without him.
Meiji Shrine!

Made our way to Yoyogi Park and enjoyed sitting on a bench while people watching.

Then we went to the two-story Starbucks to overlook the view of Shibuya Crossing. After walking all over the city, it was nice to enjoy a cold drink.
A moment at Shibuya Crossing.
Last night we met up with our friends, the Nowaks, and went to kaitzenzushi where small plates of sushi goes around a conveyor belt and you can take your pick.

City lights.

We're about to head to the airport! Here's to traveling halfway around the world! xo

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