Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We're tourists

Prepare for photo overload!

We took the train yesterday to Waseda, Andrew's old campus.

Yes, let's.
They have these vending machines everywhere. Although I never see anyone use them.

Loved finding this!
Going down into the subway.
Our luggage! Our luggage! It was like Christmas!!

We went to look at temples yesterday.

A really short door.

We found this quaint little street fair.
Last night we met one of Andrew's old friends for dinner and then coffee. Before we left I had planned to wander around Trader Joe's looking for things to bring to his Japanese friends. I finally decided in Target that brownie mixes travel well and might be well received. Yoshi told us his wife will be excited to make them.

Today (Thursday) is MY DAY!!! We've got a full day planned here on our last day in Tokyo. Now, I need to go get ready for our hotel's continental breakfast which includes things like: miso soup, bowls of rice, fried noodles, and rice balls.

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