Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend Update

We left Japan Friday morning.
We stopped to get lunch.
On the way home it went so much faster than our trip to Japan. We flew over Alaska! It was breathtaking!
We came back to Oak Ridge to help Lucy Goosey move into her new apartment, then we went to see Gigi before heading back to the QC. Andrew read her the Easter story.
I loved making this unconventional Easter basket for Andrew. Why buy a chocolate bunny if he wouldn't eat it?
Easter dinner was my favorite. I made deviled eggs and after church we went to our friend's house along with about 5 other families for a feast. It was so relaxing and there were like 16 kids running around in their sweet, smocked outfits. We sat outside and as one friend put it, it was a taste of heaven.

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Perryn said...

I have this same egg holder and I get so excited every Easter when I get to use it!!