Sunday, April 1, 2012

Take your pick

Well we're here in Tokyo! And it's been an adventure! We're getting ready to eat breakfast with our friends at a place that is similar to Denny's in the States. I wish Brian and Allison could join us. Then we'll catch the bullet train (!!) to Nagoya for an overnight trip.

We had a lovely day yesterday. One of my favorite parts was taking a walk through a residential neighborhood in Tokyo.
We still don't have our luggage (including clothes, makeup, etc.) and last night we finally decided that it wasn't coming any time soon, so we went to shop at a department store close by. Here are a couple shirts that were an option. Please, take your pick.

I ended up getting a red Peter Pan looking shirt. It's so much better than the shirt I'd been wearing for 3 days (I know, gross!!).

Anyway, we're about to head out. Sleep well, America!

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