Thursday, December 11, 2008

The celebration of Allison's birth

Yesterday morning I called Al and wished her a Happy Birthday. She was on her way to work. We chatted for a while but little did she know I was standing right in front of the Bolt Bus holding a box of Buttercup cupcakes. Surprise!

I then hopped on the bus, plush leather seats and free internet (isn't that called wi-fi? sorry, I don't know these things. I'm ok w/ that and you should be too.) and started reading The History of Love and caught up on sleep. After our driver got lost (!?!?!?... the only bad part of the BB experience), I arrived in DC where Ginnawin picked me up. We got a late lunch and then headed back to their apt.

Oh what fun it was to just chill and stalk people on Facebook and look at Al's wedding planning thus far. We then met up w/ their DC friends, Doug & Kareem for an early dinner at a little Saloon/pup/bar in downtown DC. Afterwards we headed to Doug's house for cake, bubbly and a game of Nertz. So much fun. What wasn't fun was taking the Chinatown bus home (BB, you're my one true bus love. From now on. I promise.)... needless to say I will not be taking it again, if I can help it. Ew. Gross. Sick. Gag.

But what a wonderful day it was! Happy Birthday to you, Al! It was your last girlfriend birthday hoorah before B-dawg takes over next year. But, I promise, one of these days I'll make you a Texas Sheet Cake that isn't baked in the 8th floor Eggers smelly boy lobby (dorm days, folks). Here's to many more fun years ahead, Alpacs!


Allison said...

What a wonderful surprise it was to have you with me ON my birthday!!! THANK YOU for making the journey down in back (all in a day)! It meant so much to have you here and I can't wait to see you again soon! Love!!!

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