Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Put some South in yo mouth

Happy Wednesday to you all!

Last night, after work, I met up with my friend Tammy for dinner. We went to Brother Jimmy's BBQ where I enjoyed a nice, big plate of Southern yummness. I ordered an Arnold Palmer (everyone should know what that is, if you don't, go ahead, google) and when it came it had one of those drink sticks w/ the BJ BBQ logo on it and on the stick part read: 'Put some South in yo mouth'. Ah. Brilliant. Will do.

We arrived just in time for the after work madness of I-Bankers and other Suits who congregate at the bar... it seemed a bit crowded for a Tuesday night but then we realized that there was a Knicks game next door. (BJ's is right next to Madison Square Garden). Tam and I got to catch up but towards the end of our dinner, my inner passion and love for basketball got me thinking. We were right there... oh so close to the game. And the tv's at the bar didn't help either. How can you be sitting right next to the Garden, watching the Knicks game on tv and not want to be right there!??! So we decided to go try to find tickets. :)

We found our way to the entrance and were practically pounced upon by scalpers selling tickets. "Hi, you need tickets? C'mon, I'll give them to you for $40". Me: what? No way. "Ok, ok, I'll give them to you for $25." Me: It's halftime!! "Ok, lady, I'll give them to you for 20." Me: $15. "Ok, fine, give me $30 for both.". HA! Yes! Now we were promised the tickets, but who's to say they were any good. I then talked to this guy and asked him his name and introduced myself to him. "Hi Sam, I'm Carrie. Now, Sam, we've just officially met and you're now my friend. Friends don't give friends bad tickets." "No, no them here are good tickets. Do you want my cell phone number?" So long story short we talked with Sam and got his cell and then Tam and I went to the gate and sure enough our new friend Sam was true to his word!

We got to the game, found our seats and watched the last two quarters. Oh what fun it was! We had pretty good seats and I was able to bask in the greatness of the Garden and the NY Knicks. I especially loved seeing Chris Duhon, a former Dukie, and truly felt that his 23 points and 13 assists was just him showing off for me. And should I be so bold to say that I think he was looking right at me when I waved to him on the court?

Anyways, it was a great night and ended even better when I made it home just in time to watch Duke crush Purdue.

Cold, depressing Winter is redeeming itself with the glory of college (and now NBA) basketball!!

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