Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The End

Well I am happy to report that this is my last post for 2008. I'm pretty stoked that this year has only hours left. I'm also unbelievably thankful that I'm not in the middle of Times Square like NYE '07. Never again.

I'll close out this year with pics from when I was home for the holidays.

This is Miss. Ginna. We met up in DC and drove home. Sadly we missed the HOV lane. Biggest mistake of 2008. We were in so much traffic. We also passed by this guy in a truck w/ a bumper sticker that said something like "Don't even think of talking and driving". I couldn't pass it up. So every time we passed him (stop and go traffic) I would put my cell phone to Gin's ear and look at him and smile. Too bad he never looked over at us.

This here is the cutest picture of little wittle Lucy Goosey. We put it out every Christmas and never cease to make fun of her. But how sweet is it that such joy can come from a candy cane!

Christmas Eve we went to hear my cousin sing at church. It was such a wonderful Christmas Eve service and the music was beautiful and very worshipful. There was also a candlelight part at the end where we sang Silent Night and then Joy to the World. My favorite!

The following morning we had breakfast at Greensboro's finest: Tex and Shirley's, with my cousin and her two sweet boys, Hayden and Brooks. Brooksie is my godson. They have personality!

Girls lunch at Panera. Here are a few of the '02 ladies!

Christmas in Winston Salem w/ my Mom's side of the family. I love this picture of everyone together.

Ginnawin and Jeffiepooh Fefferson.

Another Caldwell get-together at Katie and Seth's. Take note of David (in green)- he's in the Army and came home from Iraq for his sister's wedding. We're proud of you, Dave and thankful for your service to our country!!
What dear friends :D

It was such a great time at home!

Now, on to 2009!


Allison said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm glad you all got to get together.. I was SO SAD to miss seeing you and everyone else. So much in fact that it's having a physical effect on me. Let me explain.. I have been FREEZING cold here. Even with the 80 degree temperatures, I've been so cold all day. Sitting on the sunny beach freezing, waking up in the middle of the night freezing. I've been wearing wool socks and sweaters inside the house. My mom checked my temperature and it's lower than normal. We then looked up my symptoms online and this is what we discovered: "Feeling cold? Maybe you're lonely. Psychologists find that social isolation makes people feel physically colder -- and desire hot soup or coffee." So there you have it! I've been suffering from being anti-social! Haha.. :)

Lucy said...

Haha! I love that Allison! Hilarious!

So yeah..i don't think I gave you any rights to post that picture of me up there...... **ahem**

I love you and I miss you ...

*GS*---remind me to tell you what that stands for : )