Sunday, December 28, 2008

Funny Story

So, I'm still here and alive, despite my lack of posts.

It's been a steller time here in G-boro.

Yesterday we went over to Winston for a Christmas celebration. My Uncle Hunter is a ninja at the grill and made this amazing naan bread. My Dad thought it was unbelievably good and loved it so much he decided he wanted to make it. Uncle Hunter gave me The Barbecue Bible to copy the recipe but a game of Bocce ball got in the way and I left w/o the recipe. My Dad was still talking about the recipe today, so Lucy and I went to Barnes & Noble, found the cookbook and took pictures of the recipe. Shhh. Don't tell. We got all the ingredients and went home.

I started pouring the yeast and sugar together when my Dad busted out of his seat saying that I wasn't waiting for him! Say what?! So then Dad, for the first time in the 15 years I've been baking, decided he wanted to learn how. So we started and I explained about accuracy in baking, how to beat an egg, and other such things. Towards the end I had Dad stirring and I was measuring the flour. On the 4th cup of flour my Dad said, "Wow this is really heavy on the flour." I then said, "Dad. It's bread." We then busted out lauging. It was a great Father/Daughter moment.

Hope yall are having a wonderful weekend!

Oh and Ginna would like you to know that she is awesome in so many ways :)

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