Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weekend Update

This past week has been super busy, but lots of fun. Tuesday I had dinner w/ my friend Tammy. We were nanny's on Long Island together and way back when, we would get lunch every Saturday at one of our "usual's" which was usually Moe's, Panera or various LI eateries. We would often catch up and talk about the week. I would tell such cute stories of my boys, cause they are AWESOME and she would tell me crazy stories of her nanny family. Anyways, gone are those days! Now we get dinner in the City after work. We're trying to become our own Zagat.

But when I was on my way to meet her for dinner, I was walking along 5th Ave and amongst the hustle and bustle, I wasn't really paying attention. I was passing Rockefeller, I look and boom! There's THE Christmas tree! Oh what surprising beauty. It is just as beautiful and majestic as it looks on tv.

Wednesday night we had all of our friends over for caroling and it was so special to sing such beautiful Christmas hymns. We did this last year at our other friend's apt. But thanks to my talented friends, and especially Cassie who knows how to play the guitar- we gathered around and sang old time hymns in worship.

Thursday night a few of my co-workers (Hi Suzizzle!) were invited by a former co-worker to meet up w/ her at the Yale Club for drinks. Oooh, how fancy! It was a lot of fun as we got to catch up in the biggest "living room" I've ever seen in Manhattan.

Last night a few FG friends and I met up for dinner at Fetch, one of my favorite UES spots. You can sorta see the snow behind us! Burr, it was cold!

It's been a good weekend. Caught up on reading and just bought a ton of groceries to make cookies and other baked goods for my doormen and co-workers. I also stopped by the 92nd St. Y and got information on becoming a member. It is so impressive, you should check it out online. But that's about it. Oh and did I mention that I love New York City? If I haven't, oh yeah, I LOVE NEW YORK CITY- especially at Christmas time! I am so happy that I get to be here right up until Christmas Eve because it is magical!


Allison said...

aw, fetch! i loved that place when i was up there.. kramer will make the wall one day. :)

miss you lots! enjoy your last festive holiday nyc days and give the tree a hug for me!

ginna said...

i like your jacket in the last picture. is this new?

two more days until our treadmill drive. can't wait!!

Allison said...

no ginna, she got that jacket last year at bananna.. she almost bought it with us during the 2008 new years trip, but didn't. she got it after we left. it is very cute!

what is a treadmill drive??

Carrie said...

Points for Al.

Oh the infamous treadmill drive. It's this long stretch of highway from Richmond, VA to I-85, NC. All it is is a one lane highway and trees for miles and miles, nothing else. So boring. Hence the treadmill.