Friday, December 5, 2008

Recent Pictures

The chandelier at Serendipity for Perralove's Birthday Celebration

The fam on the Brooklyn Bridge. The pressure was a bit much as we were stressed about getting the perfect Christmas card picture. There was much discussion on who closed their eyes, wait my hair is in my face, I wasn't looking, it's too bright, Dad's not in the picture, you're too close to me and so on and so forth. You can't really tell from our cheery, happy faces but we caused quite the comotion even so much so that tourists were taking our picture. Yeah, that kinda freaks me out thinking a random dude has a pic of our family on their computer somewhere.

The NY Knicks in all their glory.

Christmas party with our '08 girls!

Now with Perralove

Me and Kath in a funny, awkward picture with a plate of E's cookies and my cute lil MC Yall pillow. Every true Southerner in NYC should have one.

Here us oldies are trying to get a picture together. Sometimes it just doesn't work to get us all together and smiling and the best pictures are the natural, candid pics. Needless to say, we're old school and this is how we roll.

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