Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wrap it up...

So, as I'm sure you all know by now... I LOVE CHRISTMAS CARDS! Oh my goodness. Best part of my day is coming home to cards on the stoop. And yesterday I got a whopping 6 cards! Exhibit A are the ones I've received thus far (a few are Katie & Kath's).

And of course, I do have favorite Christmas card. I can't help it. Until I have kids of my own, these guys will be my favorite kids in the world (along w/ my godson Brooksie and Hayden). But how cute are Alec and Nicholas?!?!

And since we're already taking a trip down memory lane, here's the picture of the boys when I first started back in '05. This is how I remember them. They were babies. They were darling and precious and everything was new to them. Such sweet memories!

(Gah! It's from Snapfish, so I can't make it any bigger, arg.)

Here's also a picture of the tree in our apartment. Katiebug got it and devoted a whole Sunday night to sewing popcorn and fresh cranberries on string. Bless her heart.

I wish I had pictures of New York at Christmas (I do have them in my heart, awww). But I don't have actual pictures. Why?, you ask. Good question. Well it's because it has been COLD, people. I'm talking like bundle me up cold. I've never been one to have to wear 5 layers and tights under my jeans and 3 pairs of socks. But I'm becoming that person. New York is turning me into a weather wimp. Albeit, it's a lot colder than last year. I now have to don myself with hat, scarf, heavy coat, gloves... the works. I'm constantly walking at a fast pace to avoid the gusts of wind- oh but wait! I can't walk too fast or I will slip and fall to my death on the black ice that is everywhere. This, my friends is why you don't have pictures of the Rockefeller tree or BPark or other beautiful NYC Christmastime sights. My hands would freeze. (But I love you still, New York.)

Tonight I was on my way home and had to finish a few last minute shopping trips. Aside from getting my Dad's Starbucks gift card (sorry Dad, you know it is coming. Every year. No surprise there), I'm done w/ shopping! D.O.N.E. That's right. Well, I have no choice. Tomorrow I will be on the Chinatown bus (gag, gross, lice in my hair) until I reach that Ginna girl in DC where we will drive home just in time to be tucked in bed before Santa arrives in his sleigh. Since I will be in transit tomorrow, I had to get all shopping done today. But oh how I wish one year I could be done by December 1st.

Anyways as I was walking, I was wishing for a warmer coat. I think I need a puffer that goes to my knees. I have an old puffer coat that I used when I was a nanny but that probably has remnants of baby spit up, dirt, chlorine (the children took swimming lessons indoors, in the winter = having to blow dry a 2 year old's hair who has the wiggles) and who knows what else on it. Even though I have washed it many times, these things don't usually go away. But I kinda like that

So tonight I'm walking and everyone was in such a lovely mood. It really is like a Christmas NYC storybook. People passing with wrapping paper, Christmas gifts, Hanukkah parties in the window, the trains aren't as crowded and one man even gave up his seat (gets me every time). New Yorkers were saying their "please" and "thank you's", holding the doors for one another- you would think Christmas brings out the best in the City. And I think it does. But of course, there were those irritated cab drivers honking for a whole block. Gah! Peace on earth, people!

Anyways, farewell New York City at Christmas time! I'm headed to the South where I will dream of lighter coats, sweet tea, family, Rummmmy 2008, and so much more! But I will be back!

And to you, bliggity blog readers: Merry Christmas! Hope it's filled with good times with family and friends, good food and wine. But I also hope that you can pause and enjoy what this season is really all about.

O come let us adore Thee.


Allison said...

well for someone who sent out 84 christmas cards, kudos to you on receiving at least half of that! next year is going to be THE YEAR for christmas cards for me. my goal will be to top your number, and i have confidence that i can do it.. even if that means sending one to my grocery store checker-outer person and the garbage collectors. if that's what it takes to top your number, i'm doing it for sure.

i wish wish WISH we still lived in NC and could be together for christmas.. give your family hugs for me! i told ginna that you guys should call me on your drive down.. i'm driving to FL tomorrow so i'll be in the car all day. :)

ginna said...