Monday, October 27, 2008

Blogging is the new Facebook

Well hello everyone!

The title is true, at least for me. Ever since Facebook forced everyone to switch over to their "new and improved" layout, I've been on strike (sorta). It's taken me a long while to get used to it... wish I could have a little chat with Mark Zuckerberg. So until I can come to full grips with the new Fbook, I'll post all my pictures on this beautiful and fabulous blog. Lucky you.

The weekend was so much fun and very relaxing. On Saturday we went for a nature walk near Brendan's house and then threw the frisbee around. I can now catch a frisbee using alligator hands but I think it will be a while til I'm ready for Ultimate. Saturday night, we all piled in the car and headed to Boston! We walked down Mulberry Rd. and enjoyed a delicious Mexican dinner on a side street. Afterwards we headed to Mike's Pastries where we tasted some of Boston's finest cannoli's and other such treats. After seeing beautiful foliage, walking around in fresh air, getting lots of sleep, enjoying delicious meals made by Sully's Mom.... I think it's safe to say we returned happy & refreshed New Yorkers.

Ready for the hike.

The leaves were beautiful!

Here we are in Boston for dinner! It was a windy night!


Allison said...

looks like fun! can't wait to see you next weekend!

leeanne said...

ohhhhh these are such cute pictures but they kind of make me want to cry... sad I missed it, but I'm glad y'all had fun!!

Pamela said...

Haha, you forgot to mention that we were going for the "Posh European/Sullivan family" look in our group shot!

Perryn said...

haha - we look too happy for Posh european look! i love the pic though!!!