Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From the mouths of babes

I've never really liked that saying, but it just fits for what I'm about to tell you.

I was once a nanny, and I'll expound more upon that later... but these two stories came to mind and I just had to share. (Or for my sake, write them down before I forget).

Story 1:
Setting- Long Island, NY at home. Must have been Spring 2006. Nicholas was 2 and Alec was 11 months.

I was cleaning up the kitchen and probably an art project that covered the kitchen in paint and goo, while my little ones sat at their little child sized table in their child sized chairs eating a snack. They each had a small bowl: goldfish for Alec and pretzel fish for Nicholas. Well Nicholas being the older child, finishes his fish and then goes in for the catch: Alec's fish. Alec then screams for the 4329th time that day. I come over to investigate and this is what happens:

C: "Alec, babe, what's wrong?"

A: Still screaming and is now slamming his bowl on the table.

C: "Nicholas, did you take Alec's goldfish?"

N: "Yes! Yes I did. And I meant to. I did it on purpose."

(What shocking but refreshing honesty! Got a good laugh out of that.)

Story 2:
Setting- Long Island, NY at home. Fall 2006: Nicholas is 2, Alec is 15 months (give or take)

I'm making dinner, folding laundry and probably helping Alec color. I used to be a maniac at multi-tasking and could do a million more things in a day than I do now. So while I'm making probably grilled chicken, broccoli and couscous, the only things they would actually eat at the time, Nicholas runs to the front door because he saw the neighbors cat.

We often saw this little kitty roam around our yard and I'm actually so very sad to say that I can't remember his name. Nicholas was still at the sweet age when he was fascinated with animals as he stood there gazing at the really fat cat. I came over and hollered for Alec to join us. We all sat there looking at the cat and I then saw this as an opportunity to teach my little ones about animals, nature... nevermind the couscous that is probably drying out.

As I'm talking I then make mention that the sun has gone down and that it's now dusk outside. Nicholas asks what dusk is and I explain. Moment of silence after I do and then these poetic and profound words come out of Nicholas' mouth:

N: "Cat, you are in dusk."

Oh golly, if only I could now post a voice recording of how he actually said it. I swear it was the most meaningful and thought through declaration. He put two and two together. What a love! Oh how my heart melted. Nicholas was the most teachable child. "Cat, deep breath... you are IN dusk". Gah. So Shakespearean. So sweet.

And there you have it. As I remember such special moments I'll be sure to document them for you, blog world. I mean, who can resist such cuteness.


mc said...

Funny I'd read this. It was just yesterday that I described dusk to Min Jae and said to her "this is a word we don't use very much".

You wonder where Nic learned such straightforward honesty

Lucy said...

I love those stories, Carrie! So cute!