Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh, you know

It's been a bit chilly on my way to work. My roomie told me it's going to be a really cold winter and that we're supposed to have a ton of snow in December. I even heard that there were flurries yesterday in NYC. I'm ready. Bring it. I can handle the cold & snow in the next few months. But I'm sure once Jan & Feb roll around I'll be dreaming of Springtime lilies and daffodils. My sister Ginna hates the month of February. This is a true fact about her.

So back to my early morning walks, for the past two mornings I've noticed this one particular guy out on the street. He's dressed in a suit & dress shirt but every morning he's been putting on his tie right there on the street using a window as a mirror. It baffles me. Why does he do this? Does he have a problem with buttoning his top collar and wearing a tie so much that he has to do it right before work as to leave as little time w/ it on as possible? Does he not own a mirror? I don't know.

I walk past many well dressed men every day and I have come to the conclusion that a tie has to either be on and tied or not worn at all. None of this tie just hanging around your neck untied business. It made me laugh when I saw it at first. But then today I walked past the kid again and turned around just to be sure. Sure enough he was popping his collar and doing the loop da loop thing w/ his tie -getting dressed right there on the street. Never would I ever. The only getting dressed I've ever done is switch out my oh so comfortable shoes to work shoes. Ah, the things you see in New York.

So we have less than two weeks before the election. Wow. Wasn't it just yesterday I was anxiously awaiting the Iowa caucus?! I've watched a lot of media coverage this past year. Kinda crazy it's now coming down to the wire. I'm ready for a new President. I'm excited about what is to come.

In other news, I'm headed to NH this weekend with friends to hopefully view the majestic beauty that is Autumn foliage. We'll go on a hike, make lots of yummy food, go to Boston Saturday night and just spend time together. I'm looking forward to it.

Allison is coming next weekend and I can't wait (I'll miss you Ginna-win, but we'll have our weekend soon!). We're going to celebrate Halloween and then maybe go to a museum, eat a cupcake, perhaps see a show, get a good NYC brunch and then see one of my favorite spectator events: the NYC marathon. I seriously cry every time. It's amazing to watch thousands of people cheer on the tired and weary runners... people they don't even know. "Yeah, Bob! You can do it. Go Sue- run hard!" It's awesome. I usually watch in Central Park... where they're running the last few miles before the finish line. One guy, last year, ran right past me and a few others and w/ deep breaths said, "I hate this. This sucks so much." I'm sure it does, buddy. I'm sure it does. But you know that it was such an incredible feeling to cross that finish line and probably worth it. Maybe one day I'll try. But I don't think my 3 miles at the JKO reservoir a few times a week will be very good training for a 26.2 mile race. Hmm...

Ok, back to work. Have a great day :D


vclement said...

A few things I must say:
-You changed your font smaller! Interesting!
-I will definitely miss that NYC trip!! We'll have to do it again very soon. :)
-I do hate February. It's cold, dark, far away from the holidays, hosts Valentine's Day, and the only redeeming factor is that it's the shortest month.

vclement said...

OH! And let's do the marathon together sometime, shall we??

Carrie said...

And now a few things I will say to you, Gin:
- I feel like smaller font enables people to read more, hence a more likeable blog. fo sho.
- When you come up for Tgiving we'll snuggle and watch Anne of Green Gables
- I predict that Feb won't be too bad for you this year, esp. considering you now have a sweet beau to bring you chocolates and flowers and write you sappy poetry that Lucy & I will indeed make fun of. ;)

Love you sissy!

Allison said...

yay! i can't wait to come!