Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family- both near & far

As I get ready for my trip & time home in North Carolina, all I can think about is my Mama!! We talk most every day and she is the most wonderful Mother anyone could have. I miss her so much and can't wait to give her a huge hug and sit and talk "on the porch". Can't wait.

But as I miss home/life in NC, I have been so blessed with a wonderful "family" here. What dear friends they are. Tonight we celebrated Matt's bday (hi MJ!). We surprised him and then had dinner & carved pumpkins. Such a fun & special night. I am so thankful for amazing friends and good times together. Here are a few pictures from our bday shindig:

Can you guess which one is mine? ;)

My sweet friends.


mc said...

Cute Carrie, what a fun party.

I'm thinking your pumpkin is the NC one? :)Come on home, I'm waiting on "the porch" for you!

love, your fav mom

Allison said...

these are cute. looks like a fun time! i'm glad it all worked out :)

can't wait to see you on thursday!