Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heels, tea & AC

So this "warning/heads-up/just so you know", is more for my male readers and to narrow it down even more, the male guys in NYC. Everyone walks in NYC and most walk with ease and the only things they have to watch out for is doggie poo (ew), puddles and the sometimes ever-present cockroaches (double ew).

However, I now have one more thing to add to the mix: the little grates above the subway... you know what I'm talking about. If you ever watch the way people walk on the streets of NY (and yes I do spend hours studying foot traffic patterns), most try to walk around the grates onto the hard pavement. I do the same.

But now I have to say that it is crucial, especially during the workweek, to let all of those in HIGH HEELS have the better, flat pavement. It's ok. You can walk over the grate. You can do it! I know, I know, sometimes I, too, feel like it will "break" and I'll fall through or my dear & precious cell phone will slip from my hands to it's death. But really, it's quite painful and embarassing to walk along and have the: err heel is stuck, foot in pain, can I get it out/will my shoe be ruined situation. So yeah just one more thing to add to your list of things to be aware of while walking around NYC.

So... after getting to work this morning at 7am (I pulled a Pamela!), finishing a huge presentation, helping set up a mtng, confirming that a guest's tie does look good and reassuring him that it does in fact go with his "outfit", cleaning up the meeting and leaving at 7pm... I am officially now on vacation. Oh how I love thee, little 'Out of Office Assistant' on Outlook. Holler.

This all means that I get to sleep in in the morning, catch the Chinatown bus and head to DC... meet up with Allison to "visit" (Al we're turning into our Moms! :D) and then hop in the car w/ Gin and head to the great state of North Carolina all the while stopping along the way at Chick-fil-A for sweet tea. Oh yes indeed.

Happy Vacation to me!

Sidenote, I'm now watching post debate coverage and let's just make it known that I think Anderson Cooper is hott.


Dorothy said...

Glad to have you home C C C! I love you. mom

Sheila said...

I wanna see you!!!!