Friday, October 3, 2008

How to be a Hipster

Well, it's the weekend, thank goodness!!

I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend spent cleaning my dirty, dirty apartment (one of our kitchen sink pipes busted... busted in terms of the pipe had a hole and leaked a ton of water on the floor and it was kinda a mess, not busted bam! water flooding my mini Williams-Sonoma kitchen, thankfully!!), so I'll be doing that and then hanging out with friends in Central Park. Aahh... it's time to cozy up on a blanket, with a book in hand, good cheese & crackers and of course: a sweater. Gone are the hot days of summer.

Sidenote: when I first moved into the City, I went to the park with my dear friends Erin & Dave (hi E!)... we met up with a few of their friends and a couple who have two children. The little 2 year old boy was taking a nap while we chit chatted and when he woke up they offered him a snack of cheese & crackers. He looked at them and then inquisitively asked, "guryere or brie?" So cute. True NYC child.

Aside from being on my hands and knees scrubbing our kitchen floor and also (still) learning how to throw a frisbee in CP... another weekend activity includes one of my friends having her birthday party at a bar on the LES (Lower East Side). The theme of the party is: dress like a hipster. How awesome is that?!?!

In our broader group of friends and over the last year we've thrown some pretty amazing parties: we had the Derby bash where we dressed in our Sunday best and sipped on Mint Juleps, had a Duke v. UNC party (I hosted that one, surprise surprise) but only those who went to either UNC or Duke or have a particular affiliation to either school wore the deemed apparel, we've had a black & white with a splash of red party for my dear friend Lizziepie... oh and there was that middle school party I didn't go to but to see Fbook pics of my friends in their orthodontic headset is classic. Needless to say, we've thrown some pretty sweet bashes.

But my friend Lara takes the cake w/ this one. What creativity! What fun!

And thanks to Wiki, we can all learn how to be a true hipster:

Holla, HIP-STER!


Allison said...

i am interested to see carrie as a "hipster." :) this sounds like fun. just talk about belle and sebastian and the shins and arcade fire.. all the stuff we listened to in the dorm. oh the dorm.

Pamela said...

Awwwe I think the Shawels need to come back for another picnic :)