Thursday, October 30, 2008


This morning I had to run out and get coffee for one of our guys here. Luckily there is a Starbucks on every corner in Midtown because the head honchos at Starbucks know that it is very wise to place as many as one can in Midtown to fuel up all those weary souls who are slaving away at their desks in chains.

I don't drink coffee. Or rather, I don't drink it on a regular basis. I cannot remember the last time I had coffee aside from the sip of a friend's this past weekend just to confirm that I'm still not a fan. For this very reason I don't usually set foot in Starbucks, so when I do it's all very confusing. People in a huge rush, in & out the door, the line is so long, yelling to the bar, handing over $4, yelling of the pick-up, gah! It's too much! I'm also a fan of small, medium and large measurements. For some reason I always forget the venti, tall, grande scale and that also adds to the confusion. And when I have two orders, forget it. I have to write them down.

What else is new... what else is new...

Oh, as previously blogged- I have since seen the same guy getting dressed on the street. If this continues, we'll have to come up with a name for him, blog world, and we can make up his life story and get to the bottom of why his Mother never taught him how to properly get dressed.

Today is my roommates birthday! Happy 26 years of life, Katharoo!! I asked Kathy what kind of birthday cake she wanted and she said a Texas Sheet Cake. The last time I made a TSC was for Al's bday a few years ago. It is a pretty easy cake... made from scratch with 3 sticks of butter. Yeah, real good for ya.

In other news, we're getting ready for trick-or-treating in our building. Hoorah! Yes, this is pure money for kids. They don't have to run from house to house but can easily go from apt to apt in 1/2 the time. Oh NYC little ones, you have it made. I used to love trick-or-treating growing up - it's so much fun for kids. I remember when N&A would look in amazement that they could dress up, knock on a door and someone would actually give them candy! I think one year we had Halloween candy in the house til February.

Ok, question of the day:
If you were (or are) in NYC and could get tickets to see a show, what show would it be?


Dorothy said...

I heard Hairspray was good.

Erin said...

I would get tickets to Phantom or The Lion King...never got to see either one of those.

Sheila said...

I saw Wicked in Charlotte, but Andrew and I would love to see in in the Big Apple!