Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome, October

A Countdown:

1 sweet day until I no longer work at Williams Sonoma

8 days til trip to Cape Cod

16 days til Jackson's wedding in NC

29 days til Al & Gin come to visit/Halloween weekend

31 days til NYC Marathon

33 days til the Presidential Election

55 days til my family comes up NYC for Thanksgiving!

62 days til Rockefeller tree lighting

84 days til Christmas in North Carolina!!

132 days til Duke beats UNC in Durham

156 days til my quarter life crisis

157 days til Duke beats UNC AGAIN ... this time in Chapel Hill

272 days til our apartment lease is over and is maybe/maybe not renewed (oh the stress)

282 days til my best friend gets married :D

27550 days til I turn 100 years old!!


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oh, this posting just made me soooooo happy!!!