Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's come down to this

Well, folks, as previously mentioned: I hate lotion. With a passion.

Today I noticed that my hands are lookin a little dry. I then looked over at that forgotten bottle of lotion sitting on my desk. Haven't had to use it since last winter. Hmm...

I now have a plan. Since I'm working at my desk all day I have decided to schedule my moisturizing sessions of the day. I will now schedule 'Apply lotion' to my Outlook calender. Once, maybe twice a day I will receive annoying reminders pop up reminding me to put on lotion. A preemptive move, if you will.

Call me crazy? I know! I am! Who schedules lotion applications?!


Dorothy said...

Memo would be proud!

mc said...

That's crossing the line of sanity, scheduling lotion application notifications. My influence on you is clearly waning as the forces of darkness have come upon you.