Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Towards the end of my phone conversation w/ Allison tonight:

C: "Yada Yada, long day at work, yada, absolutely love your china pattern, yada, yada, gotta start packing, yada."

Al: "Ok, have a good night!"

C: "And give that Ginna girl a big hug for me."

Al: "Alright."

Short pause

C: "Are you?"

Al: "Nope."

This will most likely be funny to no one else, but it was one of those things that got me so tickled tonight. We always say "give ___ a hug, tell ___ hello" but of course who really gives so and so a hug or hello? Not us.

Can't wait to see Gin & Al this Thursday. Let the countdown begin!


Allison said...

oh carrie, you're a silly girl. this is a taste of the honesty of our friendship. :)

vclement said...

Hoooooray!!! :) I get to see you TOMORROW! Road Trip 2008!!